Joining the Ruby Fortune Casino Affiliate Program

Ruby Fortune Casino Affiliate Program

Ruby Fortune Casino offers a free affiliate program through Buffalo Partners, which lets you make money by directing people to any of their affiliate casinos - but most importantly, the dazzling and luxurious Ruby Fortune Casino! You can earn money passively while guiding guests to play one of their fabulous, live-action games. All you need to do is create an account to get started! You will share your personal affiliate link on your eligible webpages. These websites can be from any number of industries - it just must not include any offensive or illegal content per the terms and conditions. Once guests click, visit and start playing eligible games at Ruby Fortune Casino after using your affiliate link, you will be begin making money - it's as easy as that!

Read more below to see how their affiliate program works, including how to create an affiliate account, the various revenue models and more.

Create an affiliate program account

Joining the Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program is an easy way for you to generate passive income from visitors to your website, driving traffic to their website through your affiliate links.

To create a free affiliate account, visit Ruby Fortune Casino's website and click affiliate program in the footer. This will bring you to the Buffalo Partners website. Click the blue register button in the menu bar. You will be prompted to enter your account information, like your user name, password, email address, security question and answer; your product details, including your company name, website and preferred language; your personal details, like your first and last name, phone number and skype user name; and your mailing address. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to register and create your Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program account. Your account will need to be approved by the casino before you are able to start collecting revenue.

Gettting Started

Once you create your Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program account, you can start earning cash. You will be assigned a unique affiliate ID number following registration. This affiliate ID number is used to identify you and the traffic you send as belonging to you. All you need to do is place text links, banners or anything else that includes your unique affiliate link on your website. Remember, you do not need to own a casino website to participate in the program. You simply must not operate a website with anything illegal or offensive as per their terms and conditions. Players that create an account using your affiliate link will earn you commission on all revenue that player generates while playing at the Ruby Fortune Casino. If they win a jackpot, this will have no impact on your earnings, though there are different rules outline for players who are high rollers, or who generate a negative net revenue of at least $10,000.

If you prefer to advertise offline, you can request CDs that will include the Ruby Fortune Casino and additional Buffalo Partner casino software that you can share. The CDs will include your affiliate ID number to track any players who register using this disc.

As you look to create your account, you have to options that you can choose to collect your revenue: the revenue sharing model and the CPA model. There is also a second tier affiliate program that you can join if you are referring other casinos or webmasters to join the Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program.

Revenue sharing model

Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program members who participate in the revenue sharing model will receive a different commission rate depending on a new member offer, in addition to the number of new players they recruit. New affiliate program members will receive 50% commission during the first month. Afterwards, members will receive 25% for up to 10 players, 30% for between 11 to 40 players, 35% for between 41 and 100 players and 40% for more than 101 players.


As a member of the program, you can also choose to earn a fixed rate for each player you send to Ruby Fortune Casino or any additional Buffalo Partner brands, given they qualify against the program and casinos terms and conditions. This is different than the revenue share model, and you will be paid a flat rate for each qualifying player. The amounts that you are paid may vary by casino, game and more. Please read the terms and conditions to ensure you are away of how the CPA payment scheme is different than the revenue share model.

Second tier affiliate

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Members of the Ruby Fortune Casino affiliate program can also earn even more commission by being a part of our second tier affiliate program. This means you will refer other website owners or webmasters of Buffalo Partners to join the program, and once they join, you will earn additional commission per new member. If you are interested in joining the second tier affiliate program, contact your affiliate manager or the customer support term.

Get paid and get started referring players to Ruby Fortune

Affiliate members can choose to be paid using the following methods: wire, ECO, Neteller, paywall or Skrill. Payments are automatically processed on the 10th business day of each month for the previous months earnings, given that the balance is more than $100. If you are looking to receive payment via bank wire, you must have a minimum balance of $700. Check out the full terms and conditions to see how you can get paid and how to make the most of your affiliate account!

It's easy to join their affiliate program, and you can start making money by referring players. You will receive a commission from each and every player who joins and starts playing using your affiliate code. Your commission varies based on the revenue the players generate, as well as the model you chose when registering, including either revenue sharing or CPA. This is different than other programs, as you gain revenue from every time an eligible guest plays, rather than based on their first purchase.