Roulette Rules and Guidelines for Beginners

Roulette is a wildly popular casino games and some will argue that it's the most popular game. There are several reasons for the popularity, including the chance to win big money and the fact that the game is thrilling and fun. Learning how to play is the first step in enjoying this fantastic game. There's a reason to check this

What the Game is All About

In Roulette, players bet either on a color (red or black), a specific number, or a range of numbers. Because there are so many different ways to bet, there are a lot of different odds in this one game. Players playing online have the option of making a general bet or a much more specific bet. Where can you find a tested casino site with the best promotions? You can always rely on the new casinos promotions that will help your adds at page. They available casinos been reviewed, so that you can have full assurance that you're dealing with a quality service. Although it is largely a game of odds, there is certain strategy involved as well.

Bets for More Conservative Players

If you're more conservative than flamboyant in your betting, you'll probably want to go with the column bet, the double-street bet or the corner bet. The column bet simply means you bet that the ball will choose one of the numbers in an entire column of numbers. The pay is 2 to 1 in this situation. The double-street bet covers two rows with three numbers in each row, and pays 6 to 1 odds. The corner bet is betting on the intersection of four numbers, covering each of the four numbers, and pays 8 to 1 odds.

Bets for More Flamboyant Players

If you're one of those players who really likes to take risks, the street bet, split bet or straight-up bet would probably appeal most to you. With the street bet, you place your token on the edge of a row of three numbers, betting on those three numbers. The payout and bonuses is from 11 to 1. The split bet is a bet placed between two numbers and covers both numbers. It pays 17 to 1. Finally, the riskiest bet is the straight-up bet in which you bet on one single number. If you win, it pays 35 to 1.

Perhaps the most popular bets for new Roulette players are the even/odds bet and the red/black bet. These are a lot of fun and pay often, although not as much as some of the more flamboyant bets. Playing free roulette is a great way to learn the rules of the game and develop a strategy before playing for money.