Online Casinos - Story Of Online Blackjack, Slots And Bonuses

Online blackjack and online slots share a lot more than just immense popularity. Apart from the mainstays, these two games have few common things despite of being unrelated. Both of them share an aspect of progressive betting / progressive jackpots.

You are significantly required to place higher bets but you get huge rewards also. There is a whole brigade of gamers, trooping to these games. It is only because of the fact that both of them generate more money than any other game.

Blackjack, at one hand is the strategy based game. You can earn a lot more if you know what you are doing in blackjack. Slot, on the other hand is a game of chance BUT it does have progressive jackpots.

We can't possibly negate the existence of bonuses in online blackjack and online slot games. Although individual bonuses can differ in terms of details, they have recurring features. Most common form of bonus offered in both these games is, "Comp Bonus / Complementary Bonus". They are points awarded to you whenever you play a game. For a specific number of Comp Points, you can get items like Digital Cams, Cell Phones, and lot more.

Other than that, you always have to good old sticky bonus. This bonus is usable during in game bets, but don't think about withdrawing it. Be bold and place bets, using your money and the bonus provided to you. Fortune always favors those who are bold enough in making choices. After all even if you lose the bets, you wouldn't have lost at all. It's the bonus which was redeemed to shambles, not your personal bank account.

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